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Pas La Fin Blog: A Little Bit About a Lot

Well. Hi. Jess here, owner of Pas La Fin, an online boutique featuring items made by small makers with great missions. Think about something really cool, unique, and beautiful you would like to receive as a gift, and you'll find it at Pas La Fin!

The concept of my blog is simple...I have a finger in every pie (I mean this figuratively, but I'd love for it to be literal). I have a lot of hobbies and interests that I am slightly to moderately good at and I want to teach you what I know! More importantly, I also want to let you learn from my mistakes. One of those things will be much heavier in content, but I'll let you discover which.

Some things I've been into lately are gardening, cooking/baking, candle making, and photography. I can cut hair, I make my own nut milk and lemonades (with the help of my Almond Cow), I can give expert brunch recommendations, I have my insurance license. Like I said, a little about a lot! Some of these things I'm an expert in and some of these things, well, I'm figuring it out as I go.

Another thing I'm excited to share is fulfilling my life-long dream of getting a pool! If y'all want me to live in Central Texas during the summer, the pool is required and it's finally happening. I can NEVER find start-to-finish guides for pool builds, so I'm going to document everything. Stay tuned if you care about something like that!

OK, this is look great from an SEO perspective, so smash that follow button or whatever you do with blogs and hopefully something will come up that will interest you! Thanks, love ya!


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